Our Three Month Warranty

We offer a three month warranty on all of our replacement parts and service.

We use high quality parts when we replace iPhone screens. However, occasionally a screen may have a fault of some sort. In the unlikely event of this happening, we will always do our best to put it right!

Please bear in mind that when a phone is dropped or damaged, many parts of the phone can be damaged – not just the glass, display and/or touch sensor. Some symptoms of damage may not exhibit themselves straight away, and can appear later on down the track. Sometimes all it takes is turning the phone off and back on again. When we replace your screen, we do not deal with any other parts of your phone – so we cannot take responsibility for any damage, defects or problems with parts other than the ones that we replace.

Our 3 month warranty covers:

  • Manufacturing defects ie. a fault in our replacement screen including the display and touch sensor
  • The very unlikely event of workmanship error, mistake or damage whilst replacing your damaged or defective screen or part

Our 3 month warranty DOES NOT cover:

  • Any damage caused when the phone is not in our possession (both before and after we replace a screen)
  • Non functioning parts not provided by us (ie. motherboard/logicboard)
  • Normal wear and tear through normal use
  • Degradation of replacement parts over time

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: if your iPhone is opened up by someone after we have replaced a screen or part, your warranty becomes void. This is because we have no idea what that person may have done to the phone, the phone’s components and/or what damage they may have caused to the phone. If you experience some sort of problem with your iPhone after replacement, please contact us first rather than taking it somewhere else! We will always try to sort out any issues.

Having said all of that, we are always happy to have a look at your phone and see if we can put it right!