Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we replace batteries.
If you’ve got an iPhone that won’t turn on and you’re wondering whether or not it’s fixable, or if you’d just like someone to take a look and give you a diagnosis, feel free to bring your phone in to us and we’ll take a look – totally free of charge! We’ll do our best to get your iPhone up and running, and can give you a no obligation quote before conducting any replacement!

It sure is! The lines or black marks are damage to your LCD (the display) – we replace the LCD when we do the screen replacement, so your display will be good as new! If the screen has gone totally black then that just means the whole LCD is damaged to the point where it’s not showing anything at all – same thing, we’ll replace it and it will be ship-shape in no time!

Occasionally the LCD can be damaged but the glass itself stays intact and doesn’t break – you’ll still need a screen replacement to replace the LCD.

Yes we can – most of the time! It really depends on just how water damaged your iPhone is, and how far through the phone the damage goes. Most of the time all that’s required is a screen replacement, but occasionally a new battery may be required as well. In rarer cases, there may be water damage to your motherboard, which is a more advanced fix. Bring it in to us so we can have a look and diagnose the damage!

There is a couple of options here, usually either there is an issue with your port or your battery needs a replacement. We do port refurbishments and replacements. Bring it in for us to test and we can give your a price to repair it.

We believe in making repairs affordable. Repairing devices is an important part of a sustainable future, keeping your device working longer and less phones going in the rubbish.
We also recycle old phones, tablets and mac books.

We can normally replace your screen in under 2 hours, depending on our workload. No appointment required, you can just pop into one of our shops and drop off your device.

They sure are – the highest quality screens you’ll find in Wellington! For more information about the screens that we use please click here.

Yes indeed, all of our replacements come with a three month warranty that covers manufacturing defects and the unlikely event of workmanship error. However the warranty does not cover any additional damage to the screen or phone, such as from another drop or break. For more information please click here.

Absolutely – we often do screen replacements for those living outside of the city, because we often have better prices than other screen replacement shops around New Zealand! We can replace your screen or part on the day that we receive your phone, and courier it back to you the same day or at the latest the following day. If you’d like to courier your phone to us for a replacement, please contact us here.

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