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Huawei P8 Lite Repairs

Model number on the back: ALE-L21

The Huawei P8 Lite offers a great look and supports an impressive technology for its price points. With a sharp screen, excellent battery and unique design, the P8 Lite has been a popular choice amongst many.

Below is a general list of the services we provide for the Huawei P8 Lite. We stock all parts on location, all repairs are done on site and generally take 1-2 hours. Our parts and services are backed with a 90 warranty* (Terms & Conditions apply). If you don’t see what you need repaired listed below, feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Huawei P8 Lite Repair Pricing

  • Screen Replacement – $200
  • Battery Replacement – $90
  • Power Button Repair – $80
  • Camera Replacement – $80
  • Charging Port Replacement – $90
  • Microphone Replacement – $80
  • Speaker Replacement – $80
  • Headphone Jack Replacement – $80
  • Insurance Report – $80
  • Water Damage Repairs – $60

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