Top 3 Ways You Might Break Your iPhone

Okay, so we know you don’t mean to break your iPhone, but if you do here are three of the most common ways to accidentally break or damage your iPhone.

1. Dropping it.

Whether you drop it from a window, onto concrete, or simply onto your own carpeted floor it’s safe to say that dropping is the most common way to break your phone.
So, how does dropping your phone damage it?

If you accidentally drop your phone onto a rough surface or onto a softer surface from a height, there’s a good chance that your iPhone screen will be damaged. Dropping your phone may cause anything from a screen scratch to a completely shattered screen, as well as a host of other screen-related difficulties, such as screen defectiveness, unresponsiveness, or blackout, which require professional to complete an iPhone screen repair.

Dropping your phone may also cause your home button to become stuck or your battery, speakers, or other important iPhone inner workings to become damaged or loose.

2. Doing anything involving water.

As more and more people use their iPhones in the bathroom water damage is becoming more prevalent than ever. Aside from accidentally dropping your phone in the toilet, you can also damage your iphone by splashing sink water on it or dropping it into the sink.

Of course, bathrooms aren’t the only place that you can accidentally water damage your iPhone. Kitchens, pools, and anywhere with a potentially spill-able drink are all other places!

But what does iPhone water damage actually do?

Allowing water to seep into your phone may not cause external screen damage, but it can cause major corrosion within your phone. This corrosion has the potential to damage all the features of your phone.

Corrosion can cause the motherboard of your iPhone to malfunction, messing with the internal workings of your screen, phone navigation, and network connectivity. It can also damage your iPhone’s ports, iPhone battery, and speaker, causing your phone to potentially stop charging, connecting with your earbuds, or play sound, along with various other problems. In Most cases if you can take you phone into a phone repair shop in time they can save it.

3. Sit on it.

A lot of us like to keep our phones in our back pockets, but if we forget to take them out before we sit down, especially if we sit on a hard or uneven surface, we could damage our phones.

Although some of us do it so often, sitting on your iPhone can actually cause a lot of damage. Sitting on your iPhone can cause screen scratches, especially if your phone isn’t the only thing in your pocket, as well as more serious damage such as the slow bending of your iPhone frame.

Of course, there are many more ways to damage your iPhone. Most of these situations will mostly likely require a professional iPhone repair. If you’re looking for a professional and fast iPhone repair or screen replacement, CellCity offers 1-hr repairs made by expert technicians at the best process available. iPhone Repair Wellington iPhone Repair iPhone screen repair wellington Apple Repair Wellington